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"The more unique the turnkey, the more precisely the problem solution."

So you have found one of our keys.

The first thing you have to know about our keys is that every key is different and so is the problem that every key solves. Because of that, not only the use, but also the crafting process of a key is different for each one. No two keys are the same and every key tells a different story.

Our services, as you can now imagine, are oriented to deliver turnkey innovation projects focused on the design and development of Information Systems to deliver and manage Operational Intelligence Solutions.

We serve to big costumers delivering workforce as contract partners developing part of their innovation projects. We can provide business management workflow, strategy roadmaps, task managements, complex event processing and DevOps services.
We also deliver turnkey innovation projects to our clients. We build information systems starting with the end in mind. They can evolve to any type of project like, in our most recent example, a Field lab solution for an expertise center.
And we provide web applications platforms together with our partner Adventa using their lowcode technology. Digital learning platforms, On-demand services management platforms, vendar marketplaces, education portals, project management platforms and platforms that allow data solutions lifecycles.

If this is possible is because we implement a clear and transparent communication with our costumers, creating a decision-making audit trail, trough which we are able to work side by side with our clients, helping one each other to understand and define the problem and to conceptualize, design and develop the optimal solution. During the process we are able to produce and to apply right expert knowledge from many areas as business and software engineering to every situation, to keep this knowledge highly valuable and to communicate it to our costumers, so together we can make the more righteous decisions that result in the creation of business solutions platforms.

Evidently, at the end of our services we provide the turnkey to open and manage the business solutions platform. A ready to use turnkey which will grant high value to its destined owner.

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"The more reliable the knowledge, the better the decisions it promotes."

Knowledge sourcing is a central activity of organizational learning and has important implications for firm innovation, competitiveness and survival. But this requires a continuous process of validating and updating knowledge.

Look back many years ago, when wizards, witches and sorcerers were the example of power, and the key for that power was knowledge. Knowledge from a magic source that no one was able to understand and that, sometimes, was a source of fear, but also respect and admiration. But then, why aren't they such any more?
Instead of adapting to the growing trend to overcome the limits of the individual trough teamwork, most of them, driven by the greed to keep their knowledge to themselves, continued to work alone. Then, their incomprehensible magic turned into understandable science. So their potential for innovation vanished in the air. That made them less capable, less competitive and, in a world that was changing at a speed they could no longer adapt, their survival was affected.
Few of those beings remain today. Only those who knew how to evolve and to adapt to the modern times.

Knowledge is important, but having it is not all. Knowledge may become obsolete or may have been built from mistaken data or from an inaccurate interpretation of it. To prevent this from happening we apply our expert knowledge on generation and analysis of validated data and knowledge, or said in other words, information engineering.

However, being in possession of the right knowledge doesn't grant acting in the right direction. Knowledge needs to be organized methodically from a practical angle and with a specific purpose in mind for each specific case. The sensibility of using right knowledge in the right situation comes from a perfect understanding of information and business engineering and the interaction between these two disciplines.

And even so there is one further step to take. We know only practical knowledge has value. Knowledge has to be used in a smart way or what is the same, operational intelligence knowledge has to be used to drive decision-making into generating highly valuable actions.

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"The more precise the shield, the better the support."

Value is, because of its innate nature of providing wealth, well-being or delight, something that people tend to treasure.

Let's put it in context. So you are developing your project, adding more value to all your stakeholders. Then let's start with the end in mind: the turnkey project has been successfully delivered, all new business services have been implemented and are running smoothly. Business knowledge has been generated, protocolized and used continuously. So... how are you keeping up with this high level of quality business operations?

Using and practising is what makes knowledge valuable. To support organizational learning is crucial to keep knowledge highly valuable. Here not only knowledge itself but all the knowledge sources must be protected: protocols, workflows, ways of working, production processes, quality standards, know-how and a long etcetera. But above all people using knowledge must be protected.

For this reason, easy accessibility and clear purpose for knowledge use in organization are a must. Knowledge organization and distribution has to be planned, designed to make sure right knowledge is where it is needed being applied in a wise way.

Hence, communicating knowledge is essential.

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"The warmer the fire, the warmer the stories."

Lead righteous decision-making is the aim of knowledge. Internal and external business communication plays a crucial role in knowledge understanding and how it affects on decisions and actions.

If you have read everything up to this point now you are probably expecting a short story that supports the previous statement. In fact, stories are the most used and best proved way of sharing information and knowledge ever. Since humanity was young and the only way to share knowledge was through oral tradition. That was long time ago, when at the end of the day everything was quiet, calmed, in peace. A time in the past when, once the sun was slowly going down, the bonfires were lit creating a magical place where every kind of told stories would remain.

As every knowledge, data storytelling can and must be shared. We use it, obviously, to communicate our knowledge to our clients but we use it also to help our clients to communicate their own knowledge.
We use our knowledge of data storytelling and design engineering to help our costumer to design and build a comfortable stakeholder portal, because a homely space to share stories is now as important as it was time ago, when the warm bonfire was a perfect place to meet. We can also help our costumers to produce their own personalized infographics and visual designs to present information (with our self developed tools). And by sharing our processes we can help our costumers to structure and generate visual stories, an effective technique to communicate an idea that will lead to act.