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"The better the facts are known, the better the story can be told."

Here you are! Nice to see you.

Come. You are up to discover a new story, and maybe something else. A story which comes from our data, our facts and the events we have lived. And it also comes from our soul and from our emotions. It is our story which, as all the others, has a beginning.
Join us, and let us introduce you to a well-known world for you.

With an overwhelming feeling.
With a dire need of simplicity.
With a strong call for a change.

At first sight it would be seen as a peaceful world. But the truth is that a never ending fight is taking place. There are some who are trying to understand the Bid Data, scratching every single piece of information that can help to comprehend it.

It was a grey and cloudy day. Another of countless skirmishes was taking place. At first, all the information got from every battle against the monster was celebrated. But after a while, the amount of it became unattainable. What originally was considered a victory turned into an inevitable defeat.
A bright lighshined trough the clouds. Getting data was not the real problem. The chance came as a different approach. Validating information was thproblem. Then BIIT was born. Making data reliable, and proving it so everyone could use it.

Since then, lead by the wish to help people with righteous decision making, we started to grow.

To grow means to rise. Time went by, and while it did we gained experience, knowledge and competencies. Making the best use of them we support others to design and develop their innovative projects delivering higher value.

To grow means to learn. Learning from validated data leads to validated knowledge. Validated knowledge is made to be shared as that allows it to be used. Consequently we have trained ourselves to convert data into good stories, the best used source of clear knowledge sharing ever.

To grow means to evolve. Sometimes our skills look like kind of magic, they are seen as sorcery. But magic is nothing else than advanced science and as science evolves, magic does too. With improvement we have evolved to sourcerors, experts in combining data science with the art of storytelling to source knowledge.

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"The more reliable the information, the less risky the task."

Have you ever heard stories about sorcerers? Those ones about climbing far and lonely mountains to recover a treasure lost in oblivion. Or the ones about facing the evil to prevent it from rising over the good. And what about those ones about travelling to the end of the world to discover a new truth?

Quests that probably you have heard about but, if you had to judge, you wouldn’t say that were carried out by sorcerers. The reason of it? Well, the actions of a sorcerer are not driven by the achievement of fame or the desire for prominence, but by will to help the community. A sorcerer prefers to play a secondary role, being a guide. In all these stories, the sorcerer is the support, the source of knowledge and wisdom that is responsible for ensuring the success of the task.

Those stories seem distant echoes. Acts that have become myths. Facts that no one can remember if they really happened. But they are still valid. And they all talk about actions that are still necessary. Maybe, today heroic acts are different from how they are remembered, but still exist. New heroes seek to improve the way of living of a community. And our mission is to facilitate our knowledge to support the decision making so that together we can accomplish the task.

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"The clearer the vision, the stronger the strategy."

Stories about power owning may sound like ancient, but nothing could be further from the truth. There was an era, not so far back in time, when information meant power. In that era humans focused on generating massive amount of data.

But humanity quickly lost the ability to manage such quantity. The lack of reliability of information meant the construction of unvalidated knowledge. The Big Data became a monster. The meaning of power changed.

A new era has begun.

An era when power resides not in information itself. Now, power resides in the ability of understanding and validating data, being able to turn it into validated knowledge.

In this era we have a purpose: to support the generation of validated knowledge and to ensure that businesses realize how valuable it is and how important is to protect it, to use it in the right way. So we have a vision: we will reach the end of this era with the ability to build world class information systems with no defects, making sure that no knowledge gets unused, so every piece of validated knowledge stays at its highest value.

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"The greater the knowledge, the greater the love."

There is not a story worth to be told without a reserved space, no matter how small it is, for love. Love is what makes everyone improve, what make everyone to become the best part of oneself.

We love what we do. Because of that we work to be proud of what we do, and how we do it, so for us, our values are crucial, because we believe than our values is what make us reliable:

Begin with the end in mind.
Practise what you preach.
Be transparent. And fair.
Create value.
Tell true stories.

When we started to build this webpage we knew we wanted to start introducing ourselves, telling you our story, so you could realize how important is the way to communicate knowledge, and how can we help on that task. However, that's not the whole story, it is just the introduction.

Maybe, near here you can find one of our keys. The one we use to get your attention and to explain you the meaning of our keys.

If you do, pick it up to start!

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