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Using data science storytelling we make data relevant and understandable, turning it into easy to share stories that generate validated knowledge.

The proof is in the pudding.

Discover our story

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"The better the facts are known, the better the story can be told."

Here you are! Nice to see you.

Come. You are up to discover a new story, and maybe something else. A story which comes from our data, our facts and the events we have lived. It is our story which, as all the others, has a beginning.
Join us, and let us introduce you to a well-known world for you.

With an overwhelming feeling.
With a dire need of simplicity.
With a strong call for a change.

At first sight it would be seen as a peaceful world. But the truth is that a never ending fight is taking place. There are some who are trying to understand the Bid Data, scratching every single piece of information that can help to comprehend it.

Another of countless skirmishes was taking place during a grey cloudy day. Time ago, all the information got from every battle against the monster was celebrated. But after a while the amount of it became unattainable and what originally was considered a victory turned into an inevitable defeat.
There is always place for hope. A bright light shined trough the clouds. Getting data was not the real problem. The chance came as a different approach. Validating information was the problem. Then BIIT was born. Making data reliable, and proving it so everyone could use it.

Since then, lead by the wish to help people with righteous decision making, we started to grow.

What started as a BI and IT company in Valencia, Spain, has evolved to a Data Science and Software Engineering Studio.

Maybe near here you can find the key that opens the entrance of the studio. Would you dare to cross the portal and see what awaits you inside?

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