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Our studio is the place where our architects and engineers continuously research, practice and learn to shape our competency framework. This framework provides our craftsmen with the tools needed to design and develop state of the art business solutions. Expert capabilities in enterprise architecture, knowledge engineering, component-based software engineering and more are needed to deliver 100 fit for purpose business solution platforms.

Cusiosity is not a sin.

 Enter the studio!

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“The great place to practice and learn"

You knew that you couldn’t miss this opportunity. That’s why you used the key and opened the portal. And now here you are.

But... there is something. It is quiet, and it even seems that the studio is finished. Maybe because of the holidays and the amount of work the reform has not yet been completed - a thought that came to your mind. Maybe a "work in progress" banner would be nice.

-Welcome to our studio.
-Nah, not enought.
-Let me try again. WELCOME TO OUR STUDIO! Better?
-There is something still missing...

What was that? You heard some voices. They were like practicing giving some kind of welcome. Definitely this is still under development. But it is not completely empty. You've seen something, just down here.

Once you get closer you see it is a key hanger, with 7 different keys. Something in your inside, or maybe the energy of the studio make you think that, if you pick them, you can discover something about these keys.

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